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Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic systems

The ideal solution for reducing your electricity bill and going green.       How does it work? Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the renewable energy in the sunlight into electricity. But this "green" direct current (DC) energy is not directly ready for consumption- it needs to be converted via an inverter into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used by all home appliances and throughout the grid. Once generated, the electricity can be used for self-consumption, sold to the grid provider or be stored in auxiliary batteries. Currently the most cost-effective and profitable method is selling the green solar energy to the grid provider for preferential prices, thus eliminating the need for costly battery banks. How do you choose the right system? There are a number of factors, which must be accounted for when choosing your system. The reliablity of your local grid comes first, because safety standards do not allow for grid-tied PV systems to work when the grid is down, due to grid worker safety.  Your power consumption, budget and available space for mounting PV panels are important factors, which need to be taken into account when designing your system. What can MMC offer? As an official representative of SunPower for Bulgaria, the world leader in photovoltaic innovation and quality, MMC designs and installs high-quality grid-tied photovoltaic systems for own consumption and sale to the grid operator. The SolarEdge inverters guarantee maximal design flexibility and application on all types of roofs, as well as complete system monitoring on the panel level. Due to the high quality of the system components you receive a 25 year product warranty for the SunPower PV panels and up to 25 years warranty for SolarEdge inverters. Thus you can enjoy year-long savings with minimum down-time and risk.

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Professionalism and quality. Ten Reasons to Choose Daikin Air Conditioning from MMC

MMC has 27-years of experience in the design and construction of air conditioning systems. Official representative of air conditioning equipment Daikin since 2001.All sales consultants and designers of MMC are certified by Daikin and annually go through numerous trainings in order to offer the best solution for your home, office and business. Our Awards and Certifications

Only quality equipment is used by MMC. Our teams work with drilling machines of well-established companies such as Hilti and Bosch, and in order to reduce the dust and discomfort from the installation in your home, our installers are equipped with Кärcher vacuum cleaners. We use Würth fasteners and the copper pipe for the installation is 1 mm thick. We use UV protective foil to isolate and wind all pipe systems in order to protect the system from climate conditions of the environment to which it is exposed. The MMC assembly groups use PVC channels when installing the internal units in order to match the air conditioner to your interior to the highest degree. We clean the set pipe systems and perform vacuuming. This guarantees both trouble-free operation of the air conditioner and easy servicing in the future.

All Daikin air conditioners in the MMC showrooms are connected and can be tested. Our Sales consultants will demonstrate their functions and their maintenance. MCC locations are easily accessible and parking is provided.

MMC has the experience and the resources to make you the best offer for air conditioning with Daikin. We offer free on-site inspection in order to select the optimal solution for you and prepare an offer that is fully tailored to your conditions and satisfies your needs for a comfortable environment throughout the whole year.

МMС is the official importer of air conditioners Daikin and as such maintains inventory of all Daikin models. MMC has warehouses in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Ruse. The delivery of the desired air conditioning system can be done within 24 hours.

Daikin air conditioners have 3 (three) years full warranty and MMC as official representative of Daikin offers it to its customers without requiring additional maintenance or system checks during this period. Because we, the MMC team, are confident both in the excellent work of Daikin machines and in the quality consultancy and installation services we provide.

The MMC service team consists of a technical staff certified by Daikin. We are trained to respond to an alert within 24 hours. We provide quality diagnostics and repair, fast delivery of spare parts and 6 months warranty of the servicing activity.

MMC offers you credit purchase for your air conditioner with 0% interest, no fees and 0% APR with TBI Credit and DSK Bank. Click here for more information.

Besides private customers, MMC is an established partner of renowned companies such as DM, Arena Cinema, Homemaxx, Deichmann, Astera Hotel, Gladiola Hotel, Modus Hotel and many others.

MMC has also carried out the following projects:

Reconstruction of the Varna Sports Hall

Reconstruction of the Palace Euxinograd

Reconstruction of the National Revenue Agency

Plovdiv Airport

Residential complexes Harmony, Carpe Vita, Galleon

Showroom of BMW Varna

and many others.

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The MCC philosophy is for a clean and healthy planet Earth. We all want to leave a good legacy for future generations. Therefore, MMC has obtained the certification for Environmental Management Systems ISO BDS 14001:2015. We separate the waste from our activities and transfer it for recycling and utilization by certified companies. Also important for you: after installing your air conditioner, the MMC teams collect, transport and deliver the resulted waste for treating.

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Japanese air conditioners

MMC is an official importer of Japanese air conditioning equipment Daikin and provides comprehensive delivery, installation and support services throughout the country. Daikin air conditioners feature high energy efficiency, quiet operation and long service life. The extremely diverse portfolio of Daikin includes domestic air conditioners, efficient heat pumps, VRV systems for air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and application systems. Qualified MMC specialists are available for consultation, on-site inspection and design solutions, in accordance with our clients' requirements.

In 2020 MMC entered the photovoltaic sector with it's partnership with SunPower- the global innovation leader in photovoltaic module manufacturing. In combination with the highly efficient SolarEdge inverters, MMC offers it's clients high quality photovoltaic installations to lower the electricity bill or generate exceptional revenue. Our warranty conditions are industry-leading.