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Warranty and Post-warranty Service


1.The Daikin air conditioners have 3 (three) years full warranty. As an official Daikin representative MMC offers the warranty to its customers without any requirements for additional maintenances or system checks during this period.


2. The warranty period of Daikin air conditioners is valid if the installation is done by MMC or an installation company authorised by it.


3. The warranty period starts from the date of installation, but no later than 2 calendar months from the date of delivery of the equipment and is valid only with an original warranty card, which describes the model and the serial number of the air conditioner.


4. During the warranty period any technical malfunction in the construction of the air-conditioning equipment originating from a manufacturing defect is covered.


5. The deadline for inspection and problem identification during the warranty period is up to 3 working days after a complaint is given to an MMC representative.


6. The deadline for the removal of a defect during the warranty period is up to 5 working days if delivery and replacement of a spare part are not required and 2-4 weeks in

case a spare part from Daikin must be delivered.


7. The period for providing spare parts from Daikin as manufacturer is 10 years from the air conditioner’s purchase date.


8. This warranty does not apply in the following cases:

- air filter cleaning;

- replacement of photocatalytic filter, biofilter, titanium apatite filter, flash streamer;

- replacement of batteries in the remote control;

- cleaning of external compressor-capacitor aggregate from pollution, leaves and foreign substances;

- cleaning and remodeling condensation and cable-canals for the internal/external body


9. This warranty does not cover the technical issues in the following cases:

- dismantling, repair attempts and moving the unit by unauthorized persons;

- change in the room’s construction;

- damages, caused by natural disasters, irregularity in the electricity supply or vandalism.


10. Before using the air conditioner or reporting a malfunction, it is obligatory to read the unit’s operation instructions closely;


11. In the absence of defect or damage after inspection by a service specialist, the customer is obliged to cover the expenses of the visit in the amount corresponding to MMC’s current price list that is published on the company’s website.


Warranty and post-warranty service

As an authorized distrubutor of Daikin air conditioning equipment, MMC Inc. has all the rights to perform service activities. In order to ensure high-quality repairs, we have staff that undergo trainings on a yearly basis at Daikin headquarters and through periodic internal attestations. Our staff have a wide range of specialized literature and technical documentation at their disposal for each of the Daikin products.


Clear algorithms are followed for diagnosing the problem and its eliminating as we are striving to do this in the shortest time possible.


The warranty maintenance covers a three-year period, during which we guarantee that you will get the attention needed in case a problem with your air conditioning occurs. It will be competently solved as soon as possible.


The Daikin air conditioners are equipped with a self-diagnostics system, which is performed extremely quickly and easily and is accessible to every user. So when you contact us, we will know what the problem is, which will significantly shorten the time for diagnosis.


In order to provide broader coverage, MMC Inc. has service facilities in the cities of Varna, Sofia, Burgas and Ruse, which are fully equipped to carry out renovation works.


We strive to keep in stock a large part of the spare parts so that we can quickly respond to the need for a replacement.


MMC Inc. uses software that enables the preparation of service activities analysis and the type of problems that arise. This information is available to Daikin and greatly facilitates the continuous development and improvement of the quality of the equipment.


We are analyzing the opinion of our clients responsibly. We strive to maintain a high level of service.


For a servicing request, please call our offices or 0700 20 290 (national number).