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Ventilation in small shops and offices



III Part of the series „Expert Ventilation Methods for Offices and Stores“ by MMC – pro tips and tricks on how to ventilate offices and stores for a fresh, healthy and safe work environment.


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In this last part we will cover the ventilation in small stores and offices.

Ventilation in small stores


Ventilation equipment installed in small stores is mostly operated by their employees with a remote controller. Most people know the location of the air conditioner and its remote controller to adjust temperature and air volume according to desired temperature, while only a few people may know the location of the ventilation equipment. Even less know how to properly operate it.

There are two main types of small store ventilation:


1. Ventilation utilizing a rooftop / ceiling fan.

Stores, which use a ceiling or roof fan do not utilize the waste heat or cool. There is often a suction vent around the store front, while waste air is exhausted from the back or through the roof. Filters are a must on the suction part, so that no pollutants enter from the street.


2. Ventilation utilizing a Heat Recovery Unit.

Stores with Heat Recovery Ventilation utilize exhaust air to cool (during summer) or heat (during winter) incoming air and thus achieve a higher efficiency. These systems are often installed in false ceilings and have their own remote control.


What to do to ensure proper ventilation?


 1 Check the installed equipment - the type of system, the location the the vents and the remote control

 2 Check filter cleanliness - dirty filters can clog the system and reduce effectiveness. It's important to regularly- once a month- clean the filters.

 3 Check the remote control - often the ventilation is integrated in the AC remote. Make sure that it's functioning in the transition seasons (autumn/spring).

 4 If you feel ventilation is not sufficienct, open the windows and doors to create an airflow through the premises.


Ventilation in offices


In small offices, ventilation is often the responsibility of tenants or the building management company. Similarly to the small store ventilation, it is first advised to check the type of installed equipment and the position of the vents and remote control.

It's important to know how the system works and have a clear schedule for it's maintenance. It's advised to clean the filters once a month and have them changed once per year.

If you feel, that the system is not capable of ejecting stale air, you can open the windows for 10 minutes every hour. The reasons for an insufficient system can range from design faults, a change in indoor layout or an increased load due to more people being present.

Concentration of СО2 in conference rooms

Closed conference rooms are especially susceptible to air stagnation.
In long or crowded meetings the CO2 concentration in the room quickly increases from the exhaled breath of each person. The CO2 build-up can lead to lapses in concentration and lower work performance.
To quickly ventilate a meeting room, operate the ventilation equipment together with opening the windows and doors.


We hope the series „Expert Ventilation Methods for Offices and Stores“ has been informative. For more information, contact an MMC representative. Your can also see our products here.