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Terms and Conditions


www.mmc.bg is an Internet page, whose owner is the company МMC INC. Ltd., with UIC 030028945, headquarters and address of management – 121, Knyaz Boris I blvd, Varna. The use of this site and the purchase is considered as an agreement with the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, please do not use this website. ’MMC Inc,’ reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, and changes effect from their publication on the site.


II.General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site www.mmc.bg


1. "User" means: anyone who has loaded the page www.mmc.bg on the Internet on a computer or other device that allows using the site.


2. Each user is bound by the following General Terms and Conditions for the entire time of use of the www.mmc.bg, from the initial entry to the exit of www.mmc.bg.


3. Addresses and names for contact with "MMC Inc." Ltd. are displayed on www.mmc.bg.


4. The users of www.mmc.bg are not allowed to carry out actions that violate the common rules of communication and perform the malicious actions like dissemination of viruses, etc., violating or damaging rights or interests of third parties.


5. The users of www.mmc.bg have the right to use the free resources of the www.mmc.bg, except for the limitations described in these General Terms and Conditions or the parts of site requiring a special registration.


6. Every user is obliged:

6.1 Not to violate and to respect the rights and freedoms of citizens, according the Constitution, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international acts to which it is a party, the rules of morality, good manners and the Internet ethics of using the services provided by "MMC INC" Ltd. through this site.

6.2 Not to violate any material or non-material property, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as ownership, intellectual property right and others.

6.3 To immediately inform "MMC INC" Ltd and the relevant authorities for each case of committed or found violation when using the provided services

6.4 Not to perform malicious actions.


7. The content of www.mmc.bg may not be reproduced or distributed to other sites and media without the written consent of the"MМС Inc" Ltd.


8. Users have no right to use screenshot on www.mmc.bg without the explicit written permission of "MМС Inc" Ltd..


9. Users of www.mmc.bg cannot use automated systems to download any information from www.mmc.bg


10. Users of www.mmc.bg do not have the right to copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of www.mmc.bg without the explicit written permission of ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd.


11. Users have no right to overload www.mmc.bg with fictitious queries or other information (flood).


12. Users have no right to distribute through www.mmc.bg any pornographic material, photographs or other materials, a international object of copyright, schemes, signs, etc., intellectual property rights, appeals for forcible change of civil and public order, unlawfully acquired information or such which adversely affects the material or non-material rights or interests of third parties.

13. "МС INC" LTD. has the right to install cookies on the users' computers. They are text files that are saved by the Internet page on the user's hard drive and allow the user to recover information by identifying them and allow the tracking of their actions, the Internet pages they visit, the hyperlinks they use, the information they exploit and record, and more.


14. The site www.mmc.bg collects IP addresses in order to maintain the administration of the system and to control its use. When users want to visit pages from www.mmc.bg, our servers connect to their IP address. In principle, there is no connection between the IP addresses and any personal information, meaning that the user session has been started, but the user himself remains anonymous to us. We may and we will use the IP addresses to identify a user when we consider it necessary to require compliance with the Terms of Use at www.mmc.bg or in order to protect our service as well as complying with certain statutory procedures.


15. "MMC Inc" Ltd. guarantees to its users the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. The latter will not be used, disclosed or brought to the attention of third parties except in the circumstances and under the circumstances indicated in these Terms and Conditions.


16. "MMC INC" Ltd. shall not be liable for any damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities or for loss of data resulting from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way through the provided services. The advice, consultations or assistance given by the professionals and employees of www.mmc.bg regarding the use of the services by the users does not give rise to any liability or liability for ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd.


17. "MMC INC" Ltd is not responsible for:

17.1. The content of the ads posted on www.mmc.bg

17.2. Posts expressed in forums (comments).

17.3. Possible damages, real or imaginary, arising or related to the access (or lack of access) to www.mmc.bg.


18. "MMC INC" Ltd has the right but not the obligation to keep materials and information used on the server at www.mmc.bg or made available to third parties by a user and to provide them to third parties and the respective state authorities in cases where this is necessary: to preserve the rights and legitimate interests, property and security of www.mmc.bg as well as third parties, in the case of claims for infringement of their rights in relation to used or disseminated information or materials, as well in cases when materials or information are requested by state authorities and others.


19. "MMC Inc" Ltd. is entitled at any time, without notice to the user, when the latter uses the services in breach of these Terms and at the discretion of ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd., to terminate, suspend or change the services provided. ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd is not be liable to users and third parties for damages and lost profits resulting from: the termination, suspension, modification or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information, transferred, used, recorded or made available through www.mmc.bg.


20. "ММС Inc" Ltd. can ensure the publication of hyperlinks to other websites and resources on www.mmc.bg. ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd. is not be liable for damages and lost profits arising in connection with the use, access or authenticity of these materials and content. The user bears full responsibility for all damages caused to ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd. and third parties as a result of using or accessing these websites and resources.


21. ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd. reserves the right to seek compensation for any damages and claims of third parties resulting from violation of these Terms of Use and/or unauthorized use of the services of www.mmc.bg.


22. The information in www.mmc.bg may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.


III. Terms and Conditions for Online Shopping of www.mmc.bg


1. www.mmc.bg is a website that provides the opportunity for e-commerce of the goods offered on the site on behalf of ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd. The sale and delivery of goods through the site is only for the cities of Sofia, Varna, Bourgas and Rousse, and each sale and delivery of goods is necessarily related to the installation of these goods carried out only by qualified employees of ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd. The online sale and delivery of goods from the site is related to the customer's obligation to pay the price of the goods and their installation.


2. ‘User’ means anyone who has loaded the Internet page the www.mmc.bg on a computer or other device that allows the use of the site, and has made an online purchase on www.mmc.bg.


3. The seller is ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd.


4. Purchasing goods online from the site is subject to the following procedure:


4.1 The client visits www.mmc.bg


4.2 The client selects the item he desires and then confirms his wish to purchase the goods by pressing ‘Order’.


4.3.The system automatically transfers the customer to a new window ("Shopping Cart") on the site and provides information on the price of the selected item after deduction of the discount, as well as the standard price of installation of the selected item according to Seller's price list. The services included in the standard installation and their prices are posted on the site in the Assembly section.


4.4. The customer fills in their full name, address for delivery and installation of the goods, telephone and email, selects a payment method and sends the order to "MMC Inc." Ltd. by pressing the "send" button.


4.5. After the order has been sent according to point 4.4, an automatic message is send to the customer's email address. Its aim is to process the order and to inform that within one working day a representative of the seller will contact the customer. This is done with the information provided by the customer (telephone or e-mail) and it confirms the availability of the goods selected, specifies the method of payment of the due price, as well as the date, time and address for delivery and installation of the goods ordered by the Buyer.


4.6 Within one business day of reception of the customer's order by the Seller, a seller's employee contacts the customer by the telephone or the email provided by the latter. When making this contact, the Seller provides the customer with information about the availability of the selected product, the payment method and the price for standard installation, after which the parties agree the date, the time and the address for delivery and installation of the goods. The customer's order is considered confirmed and subject to realization by the seller only upon receipt of the customer's email of a written confirmation from the seller indicating the goods, the quantity, the price of the goods, the standard price for the goods, the payment method of the prices due by the customer and the payment deadline, date, time and address for delivery and installation of the goods. The seller's confirmation binds the customer and is considered a contract. By accepting these General conditions, the customer agrees that it is not necessary for the contract to be submitted to him physically and the confirmation received on his email address is sufficient for the contract to be in force.


4.7. When selecting the ‘cash’ payment option, the customer pays the seller's representative the price of the product and the price for a standard installation.The payment is made upon delivery of the goods to the customer's premises but before the installation. The client receives cash receipt.


4.8. When selecting the option ‘payment by bank transfer’, the customer pays the price of the product and the price for standard installation on the seller's bank account within 1 day from the date of confirmation of the order by the Seller under point 4.6.


4.9. Regardless of the payment method chosen, when after the delivery of the goods to the customer, is established that the installation of the goods requires the performing of additional services (other than those included in a standard installation) or when the customer requires such additional services, the seller shall notify the customer of the price of these additional services and the latter shall pay that price in cash to the buyer's representative before the commencement of the assembly of the goods. The customer receives the payment cash order.


4.10. The seller does not bear any responsibility to the customer, respectively does not owe him damages, compensations and others in the following cases:

4.10.1.the order received by the seller contains missing or incorrect data;

4.10.2.the contact between the seller and the customer under point 4.5 has not been performed within the specified period, regardless of the reason;


4.10.3. the customer's order is not confirmed by the seller according to point 4.6, regardless of the reasons;


4.10.4. The client does not pay the price of the product and the cost of the installation within the term of 4.7. In this case, the contract will be terminated automatically, together with the other consequences.


4.10.5. The customer does not pay the price of the product and the cost of the installation within the term of 4.8. In this case, the contract will be terminated automatically, together with the other consequences.


4.10.6. In case the client refuses to pay the price of the additional services. In this case, the contract will be terminated automatically, together with the other consequences.


4.10.7. When the customer does not grant the seller access to the installation site;


4.10.8. When the customer does not provide, on his own account, power supply (220 V) at the installation site;


4.10.9. On the technical impossibility to install the goods at the customer's premises;


4.10.10. Damage to the customer's premises by the seller, due to failure to provide the necessary information from the client or due to poorly executed works on the client's premises, outside the assembly works;


4.10.11. In force majeure clauses within the meaning of the Commercial Code.


4.10.12. With the client's right of withdrawal. Use the DISCLAIMER FORM


4.11.In the case of point 4.10.6 and point 4.10.9, the seller and the client come into an arrangement in which they agree a period within which the seller will return to the customer the price paid by the latter and the standard installation (if this price paid in advance).


4.12.In the cases under point 4.10.7., point 4.10.8. and point 4.10.11., the seller and the customer come into an arrangement in which they agree a new date and time for the assembly of the goods or a period within which the seller will return to the customer the price paid by the latter and the standard installation (if it has been paid in advance).


4.13.The good, described in the seller's confirmation under point 4.6. is delivered to the customer's premises at the date and time indicated on the same confirmation, the customer being obliged to appear in person or to provide their representative, to provide access to the site and power supply (220V) to the installation site. A representative of the client is accepted any person who is present in the installation of the goods or performs payments or signs documents on behalf of the client.


4.14. When delivering the good, the Customer is required to indicate the specific location of the product in the site and to provide the seller's representative with any important information about this place. The vendor's representative inspects the installation site specified by the customer and:


4.14.1. Assesses the possibility of installing the goods at the installation site indicated by the customer. If the place is not suitable for the correct installation or operation of the goods, the representative offers another place for installation of the goods and informs the customer about the need for additional works that are not included in a standard installation (if required or demanded by the customer).


4.14.2. In case the payment is made in cash, informs the client about the price of the goods, the price for standard installation of the goods and the price of the additional services (if such are requested by the client or their execution is necessary for the installation of the goods) ,


4.14.3. Presents to the customer the delivered goods for inspection and the customer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods and, if there is no objection, to accept it by signing a protocol.


4.14.4. If the payment is made in cash, the vendor's representative requires the customer to pay the price of the product, the cost of a standard installation and the cost of the additional services (if required or demanded by the customer), receives the relevant sums and hands the client's respective documents (cash receipt, cash order for additional services, warranty card and instructions for operation of the product in Bulgarian).


4.14.5. Performs installation of the goods;


4.14.6. Performs a test of the installed goods;


5. The offers published on the site contain basic information about each offered product according to its type and indication of the price for every single item.


6. The offers shall be provided with photographs. ‘MMC Inc’ Ltd. is not responsible for any possible differences in the colors of the purchased goods due to the specifics in the screens of the computers.

7. All prices listed in this site are in BGN, are valid for 1 piece of the respective product and include VAT - unless it is stated that the price does not include VAT. When selecting a product, the customer receives information about the discount of the goods’ price and the cost of a standard installation.


8 "MMC Inc" Ltd. reserves the right to edit any wrong technical and other parameters of the goods.


9. The Client may exercise their rights under Art. 55, para. 1 of the CPA, within 14 days of receiving of the goods, provided that the goods are not installed and are returned in the form in which they were received without being used. When the customer has examined and accepted the goods without objection, by signing an acceptance protocol, the customer has no right to refuse the goods. In the event that the customer has the right of withdrawal, the Customer may exercise their right of withdrawal:

- by sending the vendor's an email with an unambiguous statement that he is refusing to purchase the goods; or

- by entering an unambiguous statement in the acceptance receipt of the goods that he is refusing to purchase the goods.


10. A customer may make a claim after delivery only when there is a discrepancy between the goods ordered and the goods delivered and this was impossible to be established at the time of delivery.


11. The client has the right to be informed about the Order status.


12. When the Customer has chosen to pay the price of the goods by a bank transfer, the delivery of the goods is made at the requested delivery address after payment of the purchase price in accordance with the order indicated on the site.


13. The Customer is obliged to pay the price of the Order, the standard installation price of the goods and the cost of the additional services, except those included in a standard installation (if such are requested by the customer or are necessary for the installation) according to the information on the site.


14. The Customer has the right to examine, order on an individual request and receive goods from www.mmc.bg under the Terms and Conditions set in it.


15. "MMC Inc" Ltd. has no obligation and the objective possibility to control the way the Customers use the provided services.


16. "MMC Inc" Ltd. has the right, at its own discretion, to change the prices of the goods offered through ‘www.mmc.bg’ without prior notification to the customers and the new prices enter into force as of the date of their publication on the site.


17. The client is required to pay the price that was valid at the time of the order and confirmation of the desired item. The discount announcement is made by placing the new price below/up/above the old one, as the latter is scratched.


18. The seller provides a warranty for the goods purchased by the customer for a period of 36 months from the date of the purchase. All warranty terms are specified in the warranty card provided to the customer. Only the original warranty cards the goods are received with are valid in the service centers.


19. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In the event that consent is not reached, any unresolved disputes arising out of the agreement between the parties or relating to it, including disputes arising out of or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes to fill gaps in the contract or its adaptation to new circumstances, will be resolved in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.


20. For the outstanding issues, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force apply.


ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform


In case of a dispute that can not be resolved together with the selected online store, you can use the ODR site. If you have a problem with something you've bought online, you can use this website to try Out-of-court dispute resolution. You can use the site only if you live in the EU and the trader is established in the EU. In some countries, you can also use this site if you are a merchant and would like to make a complaint against a user about a product or service that you have sold online.

You can visit the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP) site here.