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Palace Euxinograd

Euxinograd Palace is an emblematic building, bearing the spirit of Tsarist Bulgaria. It is located in a park on the sea coast near Varna and is of great tourist interest. The building is also a government residence where many foreign delegations are welcomed.

In 2015 - 2016. the Euxinograd Palace underwent a major renovation and modernization under the project "Restoration and Conservation of the Euxinograd Palace" and its adjacent park".

As part of the project's activities, MMC has completed an entirely new air-conditioning installation at Euxinograd Palace, in accordance with the status of the site as a monument of culture.

To optimize energy costs, Daikin's high-tech geothermal VRV system is installed in the building, which uses the natural resource of the palace- a hot-water spring.