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монтаж Daikin климатик

In its capacity of authorized dealer of high-quality air conditioning equipment Daikin, MMC Inc is fully aware of the great responsibility we carry when performing the installation work.

For that purpose, we have staff, which annually passes trainings at Daikin headquarters and through periodic internal attestations. All of the staff have a wide range of specialized literature and technical documentation for each of the Daikin products at their disposal.


Besides the staff, the tools and materials used are extremely important.

Therefore we:


  1. We use high-quality drilling equipment to make wall openings as well as a vacuum cleaner to minimise the dust in your home.


  1. We use a copper tube with a proper thickness, which ensures that during the installation it will not crack and cause the loss of refrigerant.


  1. We isolate the copper piping in order to reduce the waste.


  1. We use PVC channels to keep your home interior better


  1. The vacuuming of the air conditioner is obligatory


  1. We collect all waste (cartons, foils and others) and dispose of them in designated places.


  1. We strive to satisfy your desires, so you are pleased with our work


The proper choice of position is of the first importance before the installation starts. In order for your air conditioner to work correctly, a place where there are no furniture which can be an obstacle must be chosen. There need to be enough space for the airflow. The air conditioner must be leveled well and it must be possible for condensation to go out. The outside unit must be mounted on a solid base and to be readily accessible for future service.


For all the products offered by Daikin we provide installation anywhere in the country, with our own teams, or our partners’ specialists.


For detailed information about what is included in the installation see here.