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Business clients

Project management

MMC has professional complex engineering teams. The company offers complete implementation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which includes design, construction, delivery and service.
Design and engineering

MMC prepares HVAC, Electricity and Energy Efficiency projects for all types of buildings - administrative, office, manufacturing, public, residential and others.

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Reengineering in the field of industrial HVAC installations is aimed at improving their efficiency with optimal investment costs. Considering the need for return on your investment, the MMC team assesses the potential of the existing installation and offers reasonable solutions in this regard.
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Execution of HVAC and Electrical Engineering Projects

MMC installation crews are highly qualified and certified according to European standards. Installations are performed using only high quality tools and technological products that are environmentally friendly.
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MMC provides the integration of HVAC systems to a Building Management System (BMS). Centralized management and control of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment is provided through an automated BMS platform.
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MMC offers a range of services to maintain installed systems and ensure optimal performance. Our customers use the full warranty provided by the manufacturer and have the opportunity to sign a Service Agreement.
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