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Air Conditioner Daikin Emura FTXJ-MW

The elegant air conditioning Daikin Emura is a superb combination of efficiency and luxury. You can just fall in love with it.

Air Conditioner Daikin Emura FTXJ-MW novowifibluevolution


BTU Area Volume SEER SCOP Price excl. installation
8 20 м2 53 м3 8.75 5.15
10 25 м2 65 м3 8.74 5.15
14 35 м2 90 м3 8.73 5.15
16 40 м2 106 м3 7.5 4.60
18 45 м2 120 м3 7.33 4.60
Free on-site lookup Free online consultation
Econo mode
Motion detection sensor
Energy saving during standby mode
Out of home mode
Night set mode
Fan only
Comfort mode
Powerful mode
Auto cooling-heating changeover
Practically inaudible (19 dBA)
Indoor unit silent operation
Comfortable sleeping mode
Outdoor unit silent operation
3-D air flow
Vertical auto swing
Horizontal auto swing
Auto fan speed
Fan speed steps (5 steps)
Dry programme
Photocatalytic deodorising filter
Air filter
Online controller via app
Weekly timer
Infrared remote control
Wired remote control
Self diagnosis

Advantages of Daikin Emura

  • Designed to satisfy the unique European sense of style. 
  • The silver filter and the air purifiers capture 99% of the allergens such as pollen and mites. 
  • The 3-D air-flow ensures that the air reaches even the farthest corners of your room. 
  • The multi-zone intelligent eye detects your presence and protects you from air currents. 
  • The Online controller allows you to control the air conditioner from anywhere and at any time with your smartphone or tablet. And this is included free of charge in the package! 
  • Equipped with refrigerant R-32.


Превъзходна ефективност при охлаждане в комбинация с изключителен дизайн.Superb efficiency on cooling combined with an exceptional design.

Пречистен въздух, без прекъсване, през цялата година.Pure air, non-stop, throughout the whole year.

Красота без разсейване. Дори няма да чуете климатика  по време на работа. Beauty without distraction. You will not even hear the air conditioner operating.

Без повече студени крака  и главоболие, само перфектно усещане. No more cold feet and headaches, just a perfect sensation.



монтаж Daikin климатик

In its capacity as an authorized dealer of high-quality air conditioning equipment Daikin, MMC Inc is fully aware of the great responsibility we carry when performing the installation work.

For that purpose our staff annually passes trainings at Daikin headquarters as well as periodic internal attestations. Every member of our staff has a wide range of specialized literature and technical documentation for each Daikin product at their disposal.


Besides the staff, the tools and materials used are extremely important.

Therefore we:


  1. We use high-quality drilling equipment to make wall holes as well as a vacuum cleaner to minimise the dust in your home.


  1. We use a copper tube with a proper thickness, which ensures that it will not crack during the installation and cause a refrigerant leak.


  1. We isolate the copper piping in order to reduce the waste.


  1. We use PVC channels to keep your home interior looking proper.


  1. The vacuuming of the air conditioning system is obligatory


  1. We collect all waste (cartons, foils and others) and dispose of them in designated places.


  1. We strive to satisfy your desires, so that you are pleased with our work.


The proper choice of positioning is of utmost importance before the installation starts. In order for your air conditioner to work approporiately, a place where there is no obstructive furniture must be chosen. There needs to be enough space for the airflow. The air conditioner must be leveled well and it must be possible for condensation to pass through. The outside unit must be mounted on a solid base and to be readily accessible for future service.


For all the products offered by Daikin we provide installation anywhere in the country, with our own teams, or our partners’ specialists.


For detailed information about what is included in the installation see here.

1.The Daikin air conditioners have 3 (three) years full warranty. As an official Daikin representative MMC offers the warranty to its customers without any requirements for additional maintenances or system checks during this period.


2. The warranty period of Daikin air conditioners is valid if the installation is done by MMC or an installation company authorised by it.


3. The warranty period starts from the date of installation, but no later than 2 calendar months from the date of delivery of the equipment and is valid only with an original warranty card, which describes the model and the serial number of the air conditioner.


4. During the warranty period any technical malfunction in the construction of the air-conditioning equipment originating from a manufacturing defect is covered.


5. The deadline for inspection and problem identification during the warranty period is up to 3 working days after a complaint is given to an MMC representative.


6. The deadline for the removal of a defect during the warranty period is up to 5 working days if delivery and replacement of a spare part are not required and 2-4 weeks in

case a spare part from Daikin must be delivered.


7. The period for providing spare parts from Daikin as manufacturer is 10 years from the air conditioner’s purchase date.


8. This warranty does not apply in the following cases:

- air filter cleaning;

- replacement of photocatalytic filter, biofilter, titanium apatite filter, flash streamer;

- replacement of batteries in the remote control;

- cleaning of external compressor-capacitor aggregate from pollution, leaves and foreign substances;

- cleaning and remodeling condensation and cable-canals for the internal/external body


9. This warranty does not cover the technical issues in the following cases:

- dismantling, repair attempts and moving the unit by unauthorized persons;

- change in the room’s construction;

- damages, caused by natural disasters, irregularity in the electricity supply or vandalism.


10. Before using the air conditioner or reporting a malfunction, it is obligatory to read the unit’s operation instructions closely.

Air Conditioner Daikin Emura FTXJ-MW
Air Conditioner Daikin Emura FTXJ-MW
Air Conditioner Daikin Emura FTXJ-MW
Air Conditioner Daikin Emura FTXJ-MW